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Yamaha outboard engine parts

Engine Block Parts Yamaha: Piston

The purpose of the piston is:
-the combustion pressure to convey on the connecting rod
-to ensure a gas-tight closure of the cylinder in relation to the
Carter. The gas-tight shut down the cylinder takes place using compression springs,
those in the top two (petrol engines) or three (in diesel engines)
piston ring grooves have been made. In the bottom piston ring groove is an oil scraper spring mounted. This need to
take care, that no more oil than strictly necessary for maintaining a lubricating film
between piston and cylinder of the outboard motor.

Engine Block Parts Yamaha: Piston Pin

The Yamaha piston pin (Guide PIN) connects the piston swivel with the connecting rod "This is usually
made and secured by means of deposit floating feathers.

Block Parts Yamaha: Connecting Rod

The Yamaha connecting rod provides the connection between piston and crankshaft. By
means of a bearing is the Yamaha connecting rod with the crankshaft connected.

Engine Block Parts Yamaha: Crankshaft

The Yamaha crank put the up and down movement of the piston to
a circular motion. To the Yamaha as evenly as possible between crankshaft
the labour succeed in running is to keep a flywheel