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Yamaha head gasket buy outboard motor

A head gasket is een afdichting die zich bevindt tussen de cilinderkop en het motorblok. 

By aging or overheating and use exhibits a head gasket wear, so after much use replacement will be necessary. The most common leak is that between the cylinder and the cooling water slot. A leaky head gasket can have different effects of small oil leakage, less power due to lower compression to cooling water loss and overheating. A leaky head gasket is rather common, in both gasoline and diesel engines and regardless of the manufacturer of the engine.

Replacement is easy in theory, but in practice, especially in modern Yamaha outboard motors quite some time, because many parts have to be removed, for the cylinder head can be kept. Especially with the modern Yamaha injection engines is that the case. The cost for a repair for more than 95% are in labor. The head gasket yourself often costs but a few tens of euros, so better do it yourself and purchase a repair manual. The cylinder head bolts should be tightened with a torque wrench, in multiple steps and in an order specified by the manufacturer.